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Marketing Strategy and Business Unit Performance

Marketing Strategy and Business Unit Performance

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Marketing strategy implementation effectiveness (MSIE) and marketing strategy creativity (MSC) are considered as recognized concept in the literature related with marketing strategies due to its significance importance for executives and researchers. Although, the researchers were not answered the issue which appeared as the intersection of pressures for implementation and creativity. So, the current research study determines the relationship of MSC and MSIE on business unit performance in Pakistani industries. Moreover, this study also finds the impact of MSC and MSIE across diverse strategic orientations (Prospectors, Analyzers, Differentiated Defenders, Defenders and Rectors) as moderating variables. Survey based questionnaire was used to collect the data from the strategic business units of different national and multinational companies like FMCG, Banking, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Home Appliances etc. Results revealed interested findings that will be helpful for Pakistani organization for improving performance.
Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Industries