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Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Management

Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Management

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During the past four decades from 1960 to 2000, Amargos, a small coastal community in Southern Chile, has experienced major structural transformations due to changing population size, development patterns, economic conditions and social characteristics. These social, economic and environmental changes altered the Amargos hazard landscape in profound ways, with more people living in high risk areas than ever before. Despite the series of changes, the community has demonstrated a profound capacity to adjust. Arguably, community leaders and planners worldwide can no longer underestimate or deny risk, as this impacts negatively on risk management. Ensuring livelihood security is an integral part of a sustainable approach to disaster mitigation. This book provides anchor for suggested guidelines and planning interventions for natural hazard planning. It emphasizes a developmental approach to risk management together with community participation in project planning and implementation, suitable for urban managers, planners, local government policymakers and disaster management professionals.
Risk perceptions and Social Vulnerability in the face of Landslides