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AraGen Biotechnology: From Innovation to Prosperity

AraGen Biotechnology: From Innovation to Prosperity

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AraGen Biotechnology is a Jordanian start-up specialized in medical diagnostics. Having recognized that innovation is the only way to prosper in this high-technology sector, AraGen dedicated its resources to addressing unmet public health needs; particularly, in the developing world. Research fructified in over 200 point-of-care and professional testing products based entirely on in-house patented technologies. The innovative products characterized by enhanced sensitivity, stability, validity, mobility, coverage and user-friendliness are offered at low prices attainable even in developing countries. In 2009, AraGen’s patents were independently valuated at $22.05 Million USD outlining the value of the Company amidst a partial divestment transaction involving 33% of its shares. The portrayal of AraGen is inspiring to entrepreneurs worldwide. Its model can be adopted by small and medium enterprises (SME); allocating resources to constructive research and protecting the resulting innovations through the patent system in order to gain the leveraging power of intellectual property assets. It also serves as a scientific reference for the researchers in the field of medical diagnostics.
The leveraging power of patented innovations addressing public health issues