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Sustainable Finance and Ethical/Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Finance and Ethical/Corporate Social Responsibility

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With the globalization Businesses are getting a lot of power; they are more influence companies in the society. Firm malpractices could cause enormous harm on individuals, communities and in the environment. In consequence, Companies are suffering damage in their reputation. A need for calling business to be responsible is taking place. Behaving sustainable creates a competitive advantage. This work presents an alternative approach, a new paradigm that integrates ethical/CSR/sustainability, (ECS), 3 dimensions. The research works solving the following questions: what is the business of business? How does it apply to the field of finance? How is it measured and does it affect financial value? The document presents an introductory part, Chapter1. Chapter2 represents the Business ethics framework, corporations operating in third world countries issues, and International Standards/principle. Chapter3 addresses the topic of CSR. Chapter4 is an introduction to Sustainable Finance: Macro-Micro levels. Chapter5 covers sustainable performance measuring. Chapter6 presents the Generali Insurance’s (ECS) initiative and Chapter7 analyzes the relationship between (ECS) and financial performance
The New Paradigm: Generali Insurance Company case of study