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Psychographic Concepts & Tourism Marketing

Psychographic Concepts & Tourism Marketing

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The core idea of this book is based on causal relationship among psychographic constructs. It is not only useful to find out tourist behavior but also to discover new features or approaches to retain tourists. Since understanding customers is very precise and sensitive issue; psychographic constructs can determine to explain tourist behavior based on different situations of lifestyles, personality and other latent variables which are involved to tourists' motivations. Perceptions, expectations, and motivations have been played important roles in decision making as well as they are intervening for estimating the specific travel attributes. Also, there are many academic researches which have been stated variety of relationships among the constructs distinctly. While this study has rigorously distinguished another view from tourist behavior and pursues to explore new causal relationship of psychographic constructs. However, they can act as hubs which can be as a mediator, moderator, and so on. Further, the existences of information are very useful in order to distinguish tourist behavior.
Tourist Behavior and causal relationship