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Research on Factors Influencing Urban MICE Tourism Image

Research on Factors Influencing Urban MICE Tourism Image

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The study in this book confirms that both rental fee, transportation expense, tourism product price, boarding and lodging price, friendly and warm people, urban environment and pleasant climate, facility for convention and conference, facility for exhibition, tag system for MICE, and professional talent for MICE, factor, shopping facility and entertainment are important variables influencing Urban Image from the perspective of MICE visitors, which could be included in four factors, namely cost, environment, quality and leisure factors. This study contributes to the theoretical advancement by connecting the MICE competitiveness to tourism destination image. It consolidates the factors in MICE competitiveness using scale development and also explores their important effects on the urban MICE tourism image (UMTI). The study findings can be used by MICE destination governments and MICE guild to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the urban MICE tourism image (UMTI) building process, being helpful for the targeting market, positioning strategy.