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Islamic Capital Market

Islamic Capital Market

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Islam is a religion of almost 1.6 billion people of the world. It is a practical religion from the Stone Age till modern era of technology and innovation. Islam gives everything that human society needs. Economy and financial system is one of those. Islamic finance is thus the economic and financial system which is established and monitored in compliance with the Shariah, the Islamic fundamental law. Islamic finance is acquiring a growing respected place in the world financial system and its market share has been growing by more than 15 percent annually for the last ten years. Sukuk is the financial instrument which is considered to be the icon of the Islamic finance now. It is now one of the fastest growing financial instruments in the world.world. In this book, Sukuk and its original structures are defined and discussed. The features of each structure and their practicality are also highlighted. The main and most important contribution of this book is a discussion and an analysis of the risk identification of Sukuk structure and its management.
Sukuk and Its Risk Management