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Marketing  Practices and Strategies of Small Scale Industry

Marketing Practices and Strategies of Small Scale Industry

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Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields which decides success or failure of the organization. The purpose of marketing is to create a competitive advantage. The marketing firms that keep prices as low as possible outperform those trying to sell more expensive products. Liberalization, Globalization and privatization (LPG) have led to major changes in the functioning of the companies at the national and international level. This LPG era will not be beneficial to all the organization. The growth and prosperity to the country and company is possible with the adoption of new management techniques, scanning of changing business environment and up gradation of technology. These factors are leading to fierce competition among all sized firms globally. Hence, due to increased competition there is need to opt for appropriate strategies in the marketing mix for the success of organization in area of marketing. The book focuses on the marketing strategies of Small Indian firms and impact of liberalization policies with various recommendations to boost the industry.
Liberalization Impact on Indian Small Scale Industry