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Internationalization of a UK SME into an Asian Country

Internationalization of a UK SME into an Asian Country

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Globalization offer internationalization opportunity for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) into any country. As SMEs are currently sources of economic expansion for the advanced developed countries because of their innovative capabilities. This book pertains to the operations of Risk Frisk Ltd (RFL) an SME based in the UK within the logistics industry with the intent to expand into Malaysia. This decision highlighted various constraints such as the audit of the macro and micro environmental forces that RFL has to overcome in order to implement a successful strategic plan. It reviews literature on SME internationalization such as Dunning’s eclectic paradigm, Stage and Network approach to ascertain the most suitable approach. It explores environmental, cultural gap and Malaysia’s business culture. The aim of this analysis is to assist International Business Students and start up or existing SMEs in the western countries looking to expand their operations into Asian countries. The author argues that not all strategic choices of entry mode are suitable for SMEs and recommends an appropriate network approach.
A Network Approach