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Intrapreneurial Investiment In Public Schools In Nyeri South District

Intrapreneurial Investiment In Public Schools In Nyeri South District

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Public Educational Institutions primarily provide a service which requires a lot of funds. The funds are usually sourced from the public and are inadequate thereby necessitating the seeking of alternative sources of the funds the focus being initiation of income generating projects which comprises of the intrapreneurial investment. The aim of these projects is to supplement the monies collected from parents or provided for by the Government to fund various activities. In Kenya there is a Government policy in regard to income generating projects in the public Secondary Schools. Since the inception of free Secondary education funding at the beginning of the year 2008 the policy is that all schools should raise money for infrastructure development through income generating projects. The reason why this study was conceived is to analyze the factors that affect the intrapreneurial investment of the Income generating projects in the purely Boarding Schools in Nyeri South District. The recommendations can be used by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and other stakeholders in regard to investment in the initiation and management of the Income Generating Projects.
Factors Affecting Intrapreneurial Investiment