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Factors Affecting Agro-Marketing in Budaka District, Eastern Uganda

Factors Affecting Agro-Marketing in Budaka District, Eastern Uganda

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The limitations of extension agents, radios and community information centres in delivery of agro-marketing information to farmers in Budaka district for agribusiness development were assessed. The overall objective of this research was to identify gaps in the existing system of collection as well as dissemination of market information. Study respondents included farmers, extension staff and radio station managers. The findings indicated that despite the presence of extension staff, radios and a community information centre in Budaka District, farmers did not effectively access agro-marketing information. There were challenges in availing timely and up-to-date market information to farmers to enable them sell their agro-produce at competitive prices. Lack of an effective market information collection system, inadequate market information management skills, limited financing of radio programs all contributed negatively to an effective and efficient agro-marketing system in the District. Future research is needed to improve agro-marketing information in order to improve agribusiness in the district. This research may be used as a case study for other districts in Uganda.