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Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development

Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development

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This book provides the research and analytical framework for a range of rural banks and its development offered by various agencies in India. Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development aims to make the integrated nature of simple and easy understanding. It discusses concepts with the help of real-life Indian examples, tables, analysis and with content that has been class-tested with management students with banking disciplines as core specialization. The simplified and systematic presentation of regulatory and legislative frameworks is an important characteristic of this book. Salient features learning Methods Using tools such as learning objectives, tables growth rates, figures and percentages, each chapter summaries to help reader grasp more complex and user-friendly.Indian Perspective Gives comprehensive coverage of traditional and contemporary rural development programmes and their mechanisms in rural India. The regulations governing rural development are also covered in detail. Real-World Data gives the use of data from sources such as NABARD, RBI, GoI,and APGVB helps the reader apply the concepts and theories discussed in the book to systems and events in the World.
RRBs In Rural Development