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Investment in Shares

Investment in Shares

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This book looks at factors that individual investors consider when investing in shares of companies quoted at a stock exchange. Generally, research findings reveal that the factors individual investors consider when investing in shares ranked in order of importance include; managerial forecasts, safety of the amount invested, relevant items in investment decision, specific considerations, monetary and fiscal policies, industrial factors and accounting policies. Individual factors that are rated highly by investors are; profitability of the company, marketability of the shares, present and future conditions and interest rates. However, accounting policies like depreciation method are rated low by the investors. Further findings reveal that most of the investors do not use risk analysis models to analyse the risks associated with the investment in ordinary shares, though a bigger number consider risk in ordinary shares as medium. Never the less, investors are satisfied with investment in ordinary shares and would invest given the opportunity. Their preference would be mostly in the finance and investment segment.
Factors Considered by Individual Investors in Investing in Shares of Companies Quoted at the Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE)