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Leadership Role & Employee’s Motivation

Leadership Role & Employee’s Motivation

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The objective of the study is to check the impacts of leadership roles in context to employee motivation, to determine whether different motivational factors play any role in motivation level or not and to determine the outcomes of motivation. The employees of University of Gujrat (UOG) are selected as population and data was collected using questionnaire from the sample population using convenient sampling. On the basis of the statistical interpretations of the data it has been determined that different leadership roles are playing important role in the motivation level of the UOG employees and Hertzberg’s motivational factors have significant impact on employee motivation and different motivational factors are correlated with one and other. The study of employee motivation is concluded that employees have motivation level of four out of five based on the descriptive and frequency statistics. The results of this study show that variables gender and educational level have no significance impact on the motivation level.
The Testing Motivational Factors of Herzberg Theory as Job Motivators