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The Relationship between Leadership Styles and Performance

The Relationship between Leadership Styles and Performance

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This book investigates the relationship between leadership styles and organizational performance,largely within the context of non-profit organizations,using the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana as a case study.Out of the hundred Reverend Ministers targeted for the survey,ninety participated through questionnaire,giving a response rate of 90%.Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) was used for the statistical analysis.Some of the key findings were that;leadership plays a critical role in the performance of churches,most times the kind of leadership style adopted by a Reverend Minister may impact positively or negatively on the growth of the church,most of the Ministers who had attained higher levels of education have shown better understanding of what leadership is about and are more likely to adopt leadership styles that would impact positively on the performance of the Church (organization).It was also revealed that,apart from autocratic leadership style which the ministers occasionally adopted,they often make use of democratic,charismatic,transformational or visionary leadership styles.
in Non Profit Organisations