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B2B Services Marketing

B2B Services Marketing

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This book is the result of intensive research in the field of B2B services sector in the Middle East. The book is unique in its content as no similar research work published on this topic is available so far. Data has been analyzed using the best methods and the results have been presented in a lucid manner, making it easy to understand. Findings presented in the book are useful for all types of B2B service providers to market their products effectively. Service providers can measure the perception of their services by their customers using the measures developed by the author. The four segments of business customers of insurance, identified in the book, will be a helpful clue for insurance providers for targeting their products. The work put into the research and its outcome make the book one of its kind. This is a must read for all those involved in services marketing in general, and insurance companies in particular. Alex Abraham, Senior Journalist, Dubai.
Research Results From The Middle East