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Barriers of E-commerce Acceptance in Export

Barriers of E-commerce Acceptance in Export

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The 21th Century is an electronica era. The life is moving toward virtualization in this era of time. At this condition, businesses are acting globally. If a businesses’ doesn't apply this opportunity and doesn't move toward e-commerce; it will convert to a serious threat! For preventing this event, the infrastructures of e-commerce implementation must be provided and its barriers must be identified. This causes the facilitating of globalization.This book is a Meta analysis for identifying the barriers of e-commerce acceptance and its implementation in export companies in the three category (3C) model. In addition to the discussions about e-commerce and export concepts’, this investigates the effects of export on the impressions taken from E-Commerce. This book helps SMEs to eliminate e-commerce barriers and to provide infrastructure for thinking and acting globally. The practical suggestions are provided to companies. Also the mentioned models, theories, and processes of e-commerce in the book will help managers of companies, faculty, students and researchers of business managements to further their knowledge on the processes and the practices of e-commerce and export.
Co-structure, Content and Context Categories