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Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Indian Retail Sector

Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Indian Retail Sector

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Financial crises of some kind or the other occur sporadically virtually every decade & in various locations around the world. Financial meltdowns have occurred in countries ranging from Sweden to Argentina, from Russia to Korea, from the United Kingdom to Indonesia, & from Japan to the United States. The global financial crisis originated in United States of America. The current crisis has deeply impacted the national economies of both developed & developing world depending upon the extent to which they have been opened up. The inflation or the economic slowdown is adversely affecting the retail industry. With the suddenly disturbed economical status, consumers are gradually losing interest on buying. The unbalanced income, followed by the economic slowdown, is not meeting consumers' buying requirements. The largely untapped organized retail arena is viewed as a multibillion dollar proposition by Indian & foreign players. Despite the foreboding financial crisis, the opportunities are massive. Making the growth vs. profitability trade-off early on during the slowdown is just one of them. In this book global crisis & its impact on Indian retail sector has been discussed in detail.
Opportunities and Challenges During and After Slowdown