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Entry Mode Decisions in International Business

Entry Mode Decisions in International Business

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This book describes the international entry modes by two companies in the retail type of businesses. This book is one of the many series in the subject of entry mode decisions by the entrepreneurs involved in international trade in the international business areana. There could be some books or text books written in this area but this book brings to you the challenges and barriers experienced by firms in the developing country such as Malaysia. As a firm wishes and decides to involve in international business, the firm has to decide the best mode of entering the foreign market. There are six different modes that the firm can use to enter the foreign market. The six modes are exporting, turnkey projects, licensing, franchising, establishing joint ventures with a host-country firm and setting up a new wholly owned subsidiary in the host country. Each of these modes has their own advantages and disadvantages. The firm has to consider these carefully when deciding which mode to pursue.
A Case Study in Retail Industry