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Nelson Mandela leadership lessons

Nelson Mandela leadership lessons

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Nelson Mandela Leadership Lessons (BOOK) is a trubute to the great African Leader of all time. It's a mixture of contemporary leadership and African traditional leadership followed and practiced by Mr Nelson Mandela himself.It's a great book for those in government and private sector alike. The lessons of leadership are found in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and the old classical books of wisdom. Its strange that leadership has been taught since the beginning of time, but there is still a dearth in leadership at every level of society. From the family to the village, from the village to the town, from the town to the big cities of the world, from the big cities of the world to the biggest global corporations, from the global corporations to the world strongest governments of the world. I have learnt a few solid lessons from the life of Mr Nelson Mandela and I am sure you will pick up a few gems from the man himself, Nelson Mandela.
A tribute to Mr Nelson Mandela