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Modern Leadership

Modern Leadership

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Leadership is ubiquitous yet nebulous. Every human in some setting or another will eventually play a leadership role. Quality leadership makes the difference between success and failure of a nation or even an organization. From prehistoric time, experts have been trying to understand and explain leadership; however, differences in opinion and isolated ideas failed to demonstrate a comprehensive process of leadership that make an ordinary person a leader or an ordinary leader an effective leader. This monograph tries to state a comprehensive view of leadership that integrates all the isolated opinions of experts. To present a review of expert's opinion on leadership secondary sources: books, journal and internet have been used. Besides stating a comprehensive leadership theory, this process also discusses the impediments in the leadership process that create barriers for one to become an effective leader. Learning to cope up with barriers may lead a person to become an effective leader, however, more research needs to be done in the areas of wisdom leadership, branding strategies, ways to manage followers’ perceptions, and reducing leader-follower gaps.
The Role of Media