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Impact of E-Commerce & Service Mgt & Marketing on Business Performance

Impact of E-Commerce & Service Mgt & Marketing on Business Performance

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World Business has been changed drastically in the previous two decades because of the immense spread of the E-Commerce and information systems. So that no one can deny the enormous and sheer power of the IT. Because those information engines adhere responsibly and gigantically for the effective establishment of the service management and marketing function at its entirety. And at the end of the day everything becomes organized, systematic, controlled and clear for the ease of human species. And that I think it is very important to watchdog the direction of the whole business enterprise that where it becomes headed towards. Purpose of the paper is to explore the industrious advantages that how E-Commerce and service management and marketing affect the business performance of the enterprises in a productive manner. Paper presents the empirical investigation of two companies Siemens and Habib Bank Limited. Both cases reflect upon the crispier and spicy impact that those information systems create, to sharpen and poise the built of the stakeholders in the business. It is concluded that E-Commerce has the positive impact on the service management and marketing of the companies.
Case Study of Siemens and Habib Bank Limited (HBL)