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Production and Marketing Problems

Production and Marketing Problems

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Mango, the world’s most luscious fruit, has been recognized as the “king of fruits” long back. The area and production of fruits in general and mango in particular have increased many folds during the last fifteen years. This has also brought in many problems with regard to production and marketing of the fruits. Cultivation of fruits contributes to the health, happiness and prosperity of the farmers. The standard of living of the farmers can be judged by production and consumption of fruits per capita. The returns from mango cultivation depending on the various factors namely, the quality of fruit which in turn is determined by the time of picking, care taken in grading and packing, time taken in transportation and the like. The packing material has also become a problem with the increase in production of mango in the district. Keeping all these in mind the major production and marketing problems of the mango growers are discussed in detail in this book. This Book intended to usage of Researcher in Commerce and Business Administration and Policy makers.
Real life issues of mango cultivators