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The Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Small Scale Enterprises

The Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Small Scale Enterprises

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The influx of Microfinance institutions in most developing countries in recent times with the aim of assisting small businesses raise capital needed and to compete fairly with their large counterparts has attracted heated debate. This study looks into the impact of microfinance Institutions (MFIs) on the growth of Small Businesses. The study was on small businesses in retailing, manufacturing and service providers as well as the services MFIs render. The study revealed that MFIs assist small businesses to save and also grant them loans to raise capital. Study also showed that such assistance though helped the SBs experienced increased revenue and business expansion yet their profit was low due to high interest rate pay on loans. The study recommends that MFIs give flexible terms of repayment of loan to enable SBs raise the capital needed. The government should provide funds to SBs at no or reduced borrowing cost. Again MFIs must initiate insurance schemes for SBs. SBs should keep proper financial records to enable them measure the growth of their businesses using profitability ratios. Finally SBs must implement the advices MFIs offer to them to promote their business growth.