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Governance Practices and Reality in Commercial Banks of Nepal

Governance Practices and Reality in Commercial Banks of Nepal

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Corporate Governance is the relationship among various participants in determining the direction and performance of corporations. The book focused the prevailing status of banking governance in Nepal. The study has been especially focusing the Corporate Governance practices and its impact in the following ways: That what is the present scenario of Corporate Governance compliance position of Commercial Banks? Is there any empirical relationship between Ownership concentrations , Board Size , Board Composition, Role Duality , Board Compensation , CEO compensation , and role of Public Directors on Earning per Share , Return on Assets , Return on Equity , and Tobin’s Q ratio ?. The present study seeks to examine and analyze the Corporate Governance practices of the Commercial Banks and their impact on the financial performance. The study directly focused the bankers and common investors in Nepal regarding the governance practices to maintain good governance status of their entity. The study has been divided into nine sections
Governance Issues in Commercial Banks