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Employee Performance Management Practices within Banks in Nigeria

Employee Performance Management Practices within Banks in Nigeria

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A few decades ago, market issues were the centralfocus of executive suites and the academia. However,recent developments appear to be increasingly drawingattention to softer issues including the design,deployment and sustainability of employee performancemanagement systems as a means of institutingtransparent corporate performance tracking platforms,that seek to meet the expectation of keystakeholders, while ensuring competitive corporatepositioning. This book is a monograph that presentsan updated extension of the Newman (2008) study whichproposed integrated employee performance managementas a phenomenon that could influence practices and possibly lead to generation of a newconcept on the subject. Given that Nigeria is agrowing Next Eleven [N-11] country with veryinteresting developments in the economy and financialservices sector generally, corporate executives and members ofthe academia with interests in improving currentpractices while expanding boundaries of knowledge onthe subject of the employee performance managementwould find this book interesting and useful.
Effects on Employee Learning and Leadership Development