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Adoption of E-commerce in Nigerian Businesses

Adoption of E-commerce in Nigerian Businesses

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The emergence of e-commerce is changing many traditional ways of doing business and there are lots of success story regarding e-commerce in developed countries. These successes have prompted governments and business organizations in developing countries including Nigeria to step up their effort in the adoption and use of e-commerce technology. The rapid rise of e-commerce has brought with it a large amount of e-commerce business models which are more easy to implement, run, and profit-oriented. With these rapid changes in business environment and processes, it has become paramount for traditional businesses to move along with time by changing their business model in order to remain relevant and competitive in this modern time. The aim of this research is to examine various e-commerce business models and recommend one that fits into the business processes of Richbol Environmental Services, and device a way(s) in which it can be implemented. In other words, focus is on the change of business model from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce business model.
A change from traditional to e-commerce business model in Richbol Environmental Services Limited