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Wrestling with Servant Leadership in Africa: A Kenyan Perspsective

Wrestling with Servant Leadership in Africa: A Kenyan Perspsective

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Ten years ago, The Economist told its elite readership around the world that Africa was "the hopeless continent". It expressed a sentiment that was pervasive—that Africa was economically backward with no chance of growth because of its corrupt and ineptitude leadership. Yet from time immemorial, the African concept of leadership has been that of serving others and building consensus in decision-making. This book, which has been written for leaders and managers in both corporate and public sectors, examines the concept of servant leadership in terms of understanding and applicability in the Kenyan context. The book is a well researched piece that cuts across all the sectors and it highlights the themes that are prevalent to most leaders and managers who put the interests of others ahead of their own, especially employees' interests vis a vis those of the organization. It explores the concept of service, servant leadership theory, leadership and service in the African context, and the Kenyan philosophy of Harambee.
Role Modeling, Serving, Sacrificing, Developing, Recognizing & Rewarding, Respecting, & Involvement in Decision Making