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Individual Innovation

Individual Innovation

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Individual innovation provides basis for high competitiveness and improves firm’s performance. These are the employees whose capacity and capability for creativity and innovation provides the organization foundation for improved-performance and sustainable competitive advantage. The topic of individual innovation and creativity is of greater interest for organizations and entrepreneurs because individual innovation gives birth to firm-level innovation. Employee innovativeness not only enables an organization to choose from a broader range of products and procedures but also facilitates the organization to constantly adapt to a changing environment and to establish competitive advantages in strategic competition. This variety provides the organization with flexibility with which it can respond to external demands and opportunities. Thus, employee innovations can be the inputs for a firm to innovate. However, research in this area is still at nascent stage in Asia Pacific. In South Asia, more specifically in Pakistan, no such efforts have been made to study individual innovation in context to its antecedent factors.
An Analysis of Factors Affecting Individual Innovation