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Unique Ecotourism

Unique Ecotourism

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Ecotourism has been recognized as an important tool in education and preservation of ecologically sensitive sites less disturbed by human activities. It incorporates travel to destinations to see, learn and enjoy the natural beauty of plants, animals, landscapes, and cultural heritages. The main objective of ecotourism is to show tourists the imminent human impact on nature. Then only, timely appreciation of nature and cultural heritages can be realized ultimately contributing to the protection and management of ecotourism sites. Thus the concept of ecotourism spins around minimizing negative impact of conventional mass tourism on nature and maximizing sensitiveness towards cultural integrity of communities and conservation of threatened habitats. In this monograph, the authors who have extensively travelled in the wilderness have synthesized unique case studies covering Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and New Zealand.
Global Case Studies