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Financial Performance in IT Sector in India- A Case Study

Financial Performance in IT Sector in India- A Case Study

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Indian is a reputed name in the world of Information Technology. Over the last few years Indian IT Sector is gaining the pace and attract all the IT majors from all around the world. It is one of the fastest growing IT market in Asia-Pacific region. Indian IT Sector facilitates Indian economy to grow further and gradually becomes one of the major contributors to Indian GDP. But China, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam are also upcoming IT superpowers and can able to give a cut-throat competition to Indian IT industry. Hence, the present study is conducted to examine the actual financial scenario of this industry and to check whether it will continue its growing phase or able to hold the leadership position to next decade. To facilitate the financial analysis of the industry ratio analysis along with the statistical method regression analysis are used in the present study. Ratio analysis is used to compare past and present performance whereas regression analysis is adopted to quantify the linear relationship between liquidity and profitability. These analyzes help to understand the performance of Indian IT Sector.
Performance Evaluation of Indian IT Sector in terms of Ratio and Regression Analysis