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Financial Management: Principles and Practice in the 21st century

Financial Management: Principles and Practice in the 21st century

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Finance scares some students. There is the fear of number that some students have and the mistaken belief that the introductory finance course requires high-level mathematics. Also, some students mistakenly believe finance is an area in which they will not need competency. Finance concepts often seem far removed from daily life. In spite of this, most every major in a college, require the principles of finance course. As a result, many of the students who find themselves sitting in finance class on the first day of semester do not want to be there. The Author do not believe that this needs to be the case. Finance is important, dynamic, interesting, and fun. The challenge we take head-on in financial Management:principles and practice is to convince students of this. In order to learn,students must want to learn.If they can see the usefulness of what is presented to them they will work hard and they will learn. The author many years of teaching experience has taught me that the financial management course can be one that students enjoy and that they see as having added considerable value to their educational experiences.The book has a new vision, added knowledge, optional insight.
A Training Guide on Financial Management for Graduate students and professionals in the industry