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Developing Statistics and Impact of Tourism in Hotels of Kosovo

Developing Statistics and Impact of Tourism in Hotels of Kosovo

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Hotels are a business activity which organizes, provides and meets the needs of guests with accommodation services, food and beverages. Tourism together with hotel is considered as a typical phenomenon of today civilization and development. Host enterprises or "catering enterprises" perform host services that are offered to people who travel, and the most important host service that are performed by touristic enterprises is the shelter which itself or combined with other helpful services can receive different qualitative views. The determination of knowledge about statistics of hotel enterprises and the number of foreign and local guests including the number of staying nights. Tourism is a complex phenomenon that originates from this travel and temporary stay permanent place. It develops parallel with the history and development of humanity. Excellence of the hotel can be judged through a large number of internal information of all types: the nature of accounting, financial, economic and commercial. Franchise is a method of commercialization of the product or service, in the form of continued cooperation for distribution of goods or services.