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The role of Mobile Technology in Promoting E-Commerce In SMEs In Kenya

The role of Mobile Technology in Promoting E-Commerce In SMEs In Kenya

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The study was done in 2009 and examined the role of mobile technology in promoting electronic commerce in small and medium enterprises in kenya. Mobile technology in kenya has expanded and the number of mobile subcribers grown since its introduction into the market. The research done in Nairobi`s markets of Gikomba and Marigiti gives the positive role played by the mobile technology which has had a great impact on the way SMES operate. The study found that while mobile technology was considered valuable to SMEs the penetration of Ecommerce was low.Trust and confidence has yet to be establshed in Electronic commerce yet the mobile phone has become3 an important tool for commerce. Internet services are low and used to get information on new technology and marketing skills.The use of mobile technology in kenya was considered by SMEs as essential in increasing their market while increasing contacts between the customers and suppliers while promoting greater efficiency. The mobile banking (Mpesa) and the use of SmS were considered to be important for Smes transactions. The study also showed that there is a gap in information for Smes that could be filled using mobile technology.
The role Of Mobile Technology in promoting Electronic commerce In small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya Major theories