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Revised strategy for Amager Strandpark

Revised strategy for Amager Strandpark

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The research will find out what today''s users of Amager Strandpark perceive to get and what they actually gets and through that identify their sacrifices. Furthermore find out what it needs in order to turn the latent segment into possible users and in this also look at the tourists already visiting Copenhagen. The research will find out what could drive tourists to contribute to Amager Strandpark by visiting, and using it along side of the local public and by this make it a destination worth visiting while vacating in the Copenhagen area. The research will base our strategy on experience economy as this is an obvious way in order to make Amager Strandpark more of an attraction to go visit. As it is now it is more a service that entails the offering of goods and commodities as attributes to this. Creating experiences combined with the current facilities is part of the strategy that we prepare to offer. Ultimately the strategy will be published for the stakeholders and then the different aspects of the strategy contra the weighting of the stakeholders will conclude the sustainability of the strategy suggested.
Revised strategy with focus on commercialization