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Market Practice in a Nonprofit Setting

Market Practice in a Nonprofit Setting

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Today, nonprofit organizations are of major importance for the society. Their missions contribute to fulfilling societal needs that otherwise would not get enough resources. Marketing for these organizations becomes more important and most nonprofit marketing research has had a theoretical approach. This work therefore investigates market practice, which covers all concrete actions that form a market. Market practice has been studied through a case study of the nonprofit fundraising organization the Swedish Cancer Society (SCS; Swe: Cancerfonden) and findings are analyzed with a theoretical framework developed by Helgesson, Kjellberg and Liljenberg (2004). Results show that the market for SCS is formed by market practices seen at different levels and departments within the organization. In its daily work, SCS enhances economic transactions through developing relations and new channels. It emphasizes its specific features within the nonprofit sector and actively tries to change perception of the industry.
A Case Study of the Swedish Cancer Society