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Consumer perception in pantaloon

Consumer perception in pantaloon

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The present study was undertaken to identify the perception of customer in pantaloons (GIP) and by the perception of customer analyze the positive and negative points which are in favour/against of pantaloons .Study reveals that most of the customer who have income above 40 thousand comes to pantaloons generally 3 to 4 times for shopping and the overall study gives a hint that most of the customers were satisfied in doing shopping at pantaloons store .Some of the suggestions were also given by the customers and if they were implemented on the store that can give an edge on other store .Social factors were also been given importance such as influence on paper bags rather than poly bags. Pantaloons as a store is very much demanding among the customers generally middle income people used to do shopping in pantaloons and if new expensive brands were introduced pantaloons can capture high income people. The book is profusely illustrated.Avoiding the temptation for haste annd ending up with a cook-book.The author has put in one year of intensive effort and research.
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