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Relationship of circulation & advertising with advertiser satisfaction

Relationship of circulation & advertising with advertiser satisfaction

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Globally the newspaper industry has sustained great financial losses due to the ever increasing advertising mediums in this day of technology revolution. The mushrooming of television channels have diverted the attention of advertisers from the newspaper industry to the electronic media. The media managers and advertisers not realizing the importance of the long-term effects of the printed form of advertising have also started neglecting the newspaper industry. Resultantly, the newspaper industry has experienced immense pressure of loosing advertising revenues. Circulation and advertising being the most important revenue components of the newspaper industry are addressed and empirically examined in this book in terms of quality and price relationship and their impact on advertisers' satisfaction. The purpose is to educate the media managers and advertisers about the literary aspect of the circulation quality and advertising price relationship and also to highlight the same to the future researchers for exploring the relationship further.
an analysis of the newspaper industry of Pakistan