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Marketing Strategies of Small Scale Industries in Punjab

Marketing Strategies of Small Scale Industries in Punjab

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The study endeavors to undertake an analysis about marketing strategies of small scale industries of Punjab. The taxonomy includes a sample size of 500 entrepreneurs from Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Sangroor districts based on concentration of small scale industries in Punjab. It is noted that the entrepreneurs of Punjab are well informed about the implications delivered by marketing strategies. The synthesis of analysis puts forward that that while formulating marketing strategies for firm, the small scale entrepreneurs of Punjab, as revealed by districts wise analysis place prime importance to product and pricing strategies where as promotional and distributional strategies face a neglect due to unawareness and paucity of funds.The small scale industries call for adoption of specific and well thought out strategies to meet the needs of the small scale sector. In order to develop the small scale sector, government feels that it is imperative to spell out a specific policy this sector achieve its full potential.Thus, a compelling vision is necessitated that appeals to the stake holders who are willing to seek change and implement a market oriented growth strategy