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Hyperreality has seemingly become the new reality of life which has no existence in actuality yet it ensures its existence through its prevalence in the life of millions in various forms. Hyperreality has transformed the lives across the world and has given new meaning to life through its magical wonderments. Pakistani consumer has acquainted him/herself well with a hyperreal life style yet the untapped potential of the phenomenon needs to be exploited further. What roles can hyperreality play to generate awareness and help the Pakistani consumer to define his/her self-identity, to shape up the society eventually guiding and grooming the hyperreal behavior of the Pakistani consumer and to make hyperreality the part of other forms of life in order to enhance the living standards. This research is an attempt to present a panoramic analysis of the Pakistani consumer's behavior in the light of hyperreality. The research highlights the best usage of hyperreality by expatiating on its advantages and disadvantages. It will prove beneficial for the academicians, companies and the consumers to get a sound understanding of usage of hyperreality in different realms of life
My life is a magic and its not a dream