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An Examination of the Determinants of Customer Loyalty

An Examination of the Determinants of Customer Loyalty

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Telecommunications service industry is a high velocity industry in the current business context. As such, in telecommunications industry, a dynamic change is taken-placed in the field of mobile phone services. The mobile phone today is not merely a device used to communicate through voice messages and written short messages. It has evolved to perform more than what it was initially intended to do, and today a mobile phone is more like a mini computer. Customer loyalty endeavoured in the mobile phone services industry was evaluated using five key variables namely price, services quality, loyalty programmes, sponsorships, and switching costs. Accordingly, loyalty programmes, favourable price perceptions, and services quality have major positive impact on customer loyalty. This book introduces a classification of customers based on their level of loyalty and switching intention. Accordingly, six types of customers will be introduced together with the definition for each player based on their attitudes and behaviour.