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Marketing In Public Sector

Marketing In Public Sector

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This book includes a systemic review of the existing literature in the field of marketing and public sector and administration generally. Research subject of this book is management of marketing as a business function, in the work of public companies. As a special case, an example of marketing management function in Belgrade is given, through the analysis of marketing functions of public companies that are part of the communal system of the Belgrade City (Republic of Serbia). The book is intended for everyone: beginners, students who wish to wicker field of marketing in the public sector because it provides a theoretical basis for the study of this field, as well as scientific researchers because of its scientific components. Also the book is intended for managers in the public sector and the civil service as it provides good examples of pro and cons, and it is also useful for the benchmarking for public managers because it contains a case study of the City of Belgrade.
Case Study City Of Belgrade