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Critical Success Factors in Multichannel Mobile Marketing

Critical Success Factors in Multichannel Mobile Marketing

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This research contributes to our understanding of mobile marketing success factors. Given the emergent nature of multichannel m-Marketing, a group of experts were recruited globally for and variously participated in a 3-round Delphi study. Through their input this research achieved its two stated objectives: to investigate the importance of multichannel integration to the future success of mobile marketing; and to determine the factors that influence multichannel mobile marketing success. The research found that an initial precursor to success is acceptance. A success model for multichannel m-Marketing was proposed, with particular emphasis on the connections between m-Marketing acceptance and two ‘outcome’ variables – consumer satisfaction and profit/value-oriented stakeholders’ benefits. In leveraging the Information Systems success model as a fundamental theory in this research along with an adaptation of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the researcher built a three-phase framework for mobile marketing, comprising development, use and deployment, and impacts…
A Delphi Study with International Experts