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Rural Consumer Awareness and Behaviour

Rural Consumer Awareness and Behaviour

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A rural consumer may be illiterate but he is not unintelligent. He is conscious of value for money and about every rupee he spends. Today, rural consumers are living in knowledge era and they can gather more information regarding the products anywhere and at any time through variety of sources available to them, which facilitate them to take rational and optimal decision in purchase. But in reality the information sources may vary from product to product and the prominent source induces them to select a product. Rural consumers are different from their urban counterparts in economical, social, psychological, physiological and literacy aspects and they are also bounded by traditions, customs and values.Further, improved standard of living and lifestyle has brought a rapid change in the buying and consumption pattern of rural consumers, in terms of imbibing new ideas, attitudes, priorities, interests and way of life.By the end of 2025, rural consumption is expected to be nearly three times of what it is today, creating a gigantic potential market worth over Rs. 26 trillion.