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Burmese Shoppers Perception for Burmese Gems and Jewelry Products

Burmese Shoppers Perception for Burmese Gems and Jewelry Products

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Perception of customers is important for successful business. Because the success of the firm bases on its ability to attract and maintain customers to buy goods or services at prices and give profits to the company. Consumer perception is the way of consumers and potential consumers view a firm and its products or services. Therefore, it is obvious that consumer behavior is influenced by consumer perception. Consequently, consumer perception directly affects profits to a firm. Thus, many firms invest large amount of resources in order to influence consumer perceptions. Consumer perceptions usually help a firm to decide what kinds of products or services to offer by the firm. This study is about Burmese customer perception of one of its valuable resources, gems and jewelry products. Ruby and jade are the most valuable resources in Myanmar. During the time when Myanmar was under the British colonial rule, local resources, especially rubies were famous among European countries. Based on these dissertation, it seems that Burmese gems and jewelry products need to develop a marketing strategy to help the vendors/company increase consumers’ awareness and positive perception.
Generalities of Studies, Related Concepts and Theories, Theoretical Framework, Research Methodology, Data Analysis