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Identifying and evaluating market segment for “Risk Frisk”®

Identifying and evaluating market segment for “Risk Frisk”®

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Risks have always been an inextricable part of a rapidly shifting economy. They cannot be separated from the institutional arrangements in commerce, technology, media communication and scientific judgment with which they are unavoidably associated. Research has shown that UK mid-sized companies are, however, prepared to seek professional advice for those areas where they know it is available and more than 90% use external risk advisors to help them manage risks. This book, therefore, should help shed some light on this new and exciting product - Risk Frisk® especially useful to professionals such as insurance brokers, auditors, insurers, risk consultants and specialist advisors on technical areas and SME’s who do not have any formal system in place to assess risk. In order to help these company products like Risk Frisk® can be implemented and my research has shown that companies are willing to use such a product.
Basic concepts and methods of market segmentation