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Marketing and Promotion in Educational Fairs: a real case

Marketing and Promotion in Educational Fairs: a real case

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Communication is the only way to learn about something new, there are many ways of communicating with people and one of them is through exhibitions and fairs. In 2011, HAAGA-HELIA opened a brand new Campus in the small city of Porvoo. In order to people to get to know about this new building, HAAGA-HELIA decided to promote it in several countries. The way of communicating the message to the people was through educational fairs. Nowadays, living abroad is among the priorities that young people have and in the labor world it is a recognized experience that companies appreciate. The educational fairs where HAAGA-HELIA has been attending to promote the new Porvoo Campus have a common goal: promote studying abroad in an international culture. Universities appreciate having students from different countries since it en-hances the internationality of their studies and promotes a cultural exchange. Since there is a wide selection of universities is in the world, the only way to market HAAGA-HELIA was to go and meet directly the student.
Promoting the new Porvoo Campus in different countries