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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

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Nigeria has a large domestic market, natural resources, entrepreneurial talent and a geographical location capable of exploiting regional and continental markets. Despite these advantages, Nigeria cannot muster the desired level of gross national savings to achieve a reasonable level of sustainable growth. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a major form of resource flow among countries as globalization narrows domestic and foreign policies towards a common international economic order. FDI requires a systematic focus in the area of employing it as a strategy for market penetration and enhancing economic growth of Nigeria. This book, therefore, provides strategic approaches for determining how Nigeria can encourage sustainable inflow of FDI and obtain a more substantial contribution to the country’s economic growth programs. The work is premised on Dunning’s Eclectic Theory and the Harrod-Domar Growth Model. The analysis should help bring to focus some factors that enhance FDI in market penetration and its impact on economic growth in Nigeria. It should be useful to students, scholars and professionals in marketing, economics, social sciences and practitioners in other fields.
Market Penetration and Economic Growth Strategy in Nigeria