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Quality, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention

Quality, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention

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Leather shoe industry, in Ethiopia, is both large and competitive. Therefore, designing and implementing effective strategies targeting to market acceptance/purchase of local leather shoes is crucial to firm’s success and survival. Moreover, while offering better quality, organizations in the industry may draw profitability through fetching new customers and retaining the existing ones. However, there seems little research being done on consumer behavior in Ethiopian leather shoes industry. Therefore, the study is an attempt to see the relationship of quality perceptions, satisfaction, and repurchase intentions of the consumers of leather shoes. The results of the study may help leather shoes manufacturers (marketers, decision makers) in understanding product quality perceptions of their consumers, provides guides to in framing their marketing strategies and marketing mixes. It may also serve as a benchmark for consumer behavior researchers interested in exploring the areas of perceived product quality, consumer satisfaction, and repurchase intention.
Consumers’ Perceptions of Quality, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention: The Case of Leather Shoes in Ethiopia