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Positioning strategy of service SME in foreign fragmented market

Positioning strategy of service SME in foreign fragmented market

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This work is a combination of marketing analysis and business approaches based on actual market data and experience of Internet based UK company entering foreign markets. How to sustain growth and profitability of the business? What strategy to choose in order to win? How complex is B2B business model? Why service industries are so unique? How to make decision when resources are limited? These questions appear when a positioning strategy should be chosen. The main goal of this research is to propose a positioning strategy for the UK translation agency in highly fragmented Russian translations services market. The analysis is divided into three main parts: integrated approach based on Hooley’s six dimensions of differentiation, integrated approach based on Market-Attractiveness – Business Position Matrix, and descriptive analysis of online positioning. The methodology used contains both quantitative and qualitative element due to very limited data availability and in an effort to increase reliability of the results obtained. Also descriptive analysis of online based businesses is provided. Additional data was collected through publications, newspaper articles and experts’ opinions.
A case of UK company entrance into Russian language services market